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starting 16 Aug

Saxon Algebra 1, 3rd edition text

1 credit

Engineering Class


starting 16 Aug

Saxon Algebra 2, 3rd edition
Contains 1/2 credit Geometry


Studying on a Computer


starting 16 Aug

Saxon Algebra 1/2, 3rd edition

1 credit



Does the mere thought of teaching algebra cause you to rethink your life...


Can you feel the horrors of high school math reaching back through the years to torment you...

Do you have one of those precious students who have you inches from dialing 911 over math lessons...


Hi! I'm Ruth Cooper!

I'm not only a homeschool graduate and MBA, but I'm also one of those Saxon math "survivors." It's okay; you can laugh.


Honestly, my own math journey wasn't the smoothest... even went back and repeated a year at one point! 


But wouldn't you know that very process of repeating a year unlocked the world of math and transformed my outlook on math. 


Once I had the secrets, I couldn't keep them to myself. It's been over 20 years since then - 20+ years of tutoring and teaching experience that has been a guide for all ages of hundreds of students: algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and beyond. 

MathMedics+ is a natural extension of who I am and my love of helping students (and their parents) discover math can be fun.


No matter what your mathematical situation is, MathMedics+ takes the emergency out of math through high-quality instruction offered via weekly live, self paced, or subscription format classes.

Math. Can. Be. Fun.

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Founder and Teacher

Ruth Cooper loves math and math-related topics and thoroughly enjoys the mystery and beauty inherent to the mathematical and engineering worlds... and works to share that delight with others. 


Ruth has taught and tutored math and math-related subjects from kindergarten level through Calculus I - children, teens, adults, and special-needs students since she was in high school. She believes each student learns in his or her own way and her ultimate goal is to find what it will take for each student to be successful in his or her studies.


Ruth is a homeschool graduate and holds a Master's in Business Administration from Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, Scotland) and has a degree in progress from Virginia Commonwealth University in PreMedical Biomedical Engineering. 


She has varied interests and accomplishments ranging from lifeguard, EMT, and Uber driver to bookkeeper, test scorer, and webcomic creator (myxnor.com). Ruth loves CrossFit and running and has completed several marathons, as well as a half Ironman and countless shorter races... this is contrasted by a desire to chill at Starbucks, drink coffee, and do Sudoku while pondering ancient mysteries.

The Coopers live in Virginia Beach, Virginia and have three boys and a fish.



Math has problems. We have solutions.

runs for 30 weeks

This option provides a live, 90-minute class each week for 30 weeks (two breaks each semester and a longer winter break are provided). Students will have direct access to an instructor via live chat during class and during a virtual office hour each week, as well as the ability to communicate with each other. Questions are encouraged in class and tests are returned with detailed feedback. Live attendance is NOT required and every live class is recorded and posted for those who could not attend live.

available for 1 year

This option is best for students who need more time to complete a year of math... or who would like to complete a year of math in less time. A syllabus along with suggested homework and testing schedules are provided as well as access to the entire class content - including tests, and instructional videos for each lesson. A teacher is available for questions via email and a final grade and certificate of completion is awarded upon finishing each course. Live, weekly virtual office hours or one-on-one tutoring are available as add-ons.

monthly subscription

***UNDER CONSTRUCTION*** This option will hook you up to a life-saving stream of instructional videos to supplement your course. Videos are taught by Ruth Cooper and each lesson is thoroughly explained in a standalone video with examples.



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