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Self-Paced Trigonometry with PreCalculus

Self-Paced Trigonometry with PreCalculus

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Prerequisites: Geometry w/Adv. Algebra or first 50ish lessons of Adv. Mathematics


This is the continuation for the Saxon Advanced Mathematics course. It is designed for students who have completed Geometry with Advanced Algebra and are able to maintain a reasonable pace and respectable weekly assignments.
This class is the is the next step in the Saxon mathematics path, after completing the first 50ish lessons of Saxon's Advanced Mathematics. This class will cover the remaining 60-70ish lessons of the Saxon Advanced Mathematics.
These lessons provide a year's worth of trigonometry and will begin introducing pre-calculus topics. This class will provide one full credit of trigonometry and can be listed on high school transcripts as "Trigonometry with PreCalculus".
Primary emphasis is on the continuation of intermediate algebraic concepts and skills while the upper-level algebraic concepts and skills are introduced. The study of trigonometry begun in the middle of Algebra 2 is continued, and heavy emphasis is placed on the study of trigonometric functions, common and natural logarithms, and the equations of conics.


    Saxon Advanced Mathematics Homeschool Kit, 2nd edition (solution manual required)
    Scientific graphing calculator (TI-83, TI-84, or similar)
    Saxon Advanced Mathematics Tests and Worksheets, 2nd edition
    (if you choose not to purchase Homeschool Kit)


    One-time payment option*

    ​$150 is due at the time of registration for a two-semester class ($75 for a one-semester or self-directed class) and is non-refundable; this covers enrollment costs and reserves your seat.

    Balance of tuition is due in full by 15 July.
    Last day for course withdrawal and 50% refund is Aug 23.
    No refunds will be made after Aug 31.


    Monthly Installment Option*

    $150 is due at the time of registration when choosing the monthly installment option for any two-semester class ($75 for one-semester or self-directed classes); this fee covers enrollment costs, reserves your class, and is non-refundable.

    Balance of tuition will be paid the monthly via PayPal autodraw, beginning with a first payment in August and ending in April.
    Last day for course withdrawal and 50% refund is Aug 23.
    No refunds will be made after the second week Aug 31.


    *please note: enrollment in the monthly installment option means you have contracted with MathMedics+ to pay the full class amount as if it had been paid prior to the first class and you acknowledge you are responsible for paying the remaining tuition amount in full.


    If you should decide to withdraw during the first two weeks, the autodraw invoice will be adjusted to 50% of the original amount and will continue charging monthly until April.

    If you should decide to withdraw from a class at any point after the 50% refund deadline of Aug 31 has elapsed, no refund will be available and your responsibility to pay in full will remain. The autodraw will continue charging monthly until April.

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